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Rock 94 Contests

Rock 94 - Kiss Off

***Must be at least 21 years of age to win this contest, due needing to be 21 to have the hotel room in your name**

Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than we thought but don’t worry Rock 94 together with Marnics Mobile have the best possible last minute Valentine’s Day Gift for one lucky Rockaholic. That lucky Rockaholic will be joining the KISS ARMY in Saint Paul, Minnesota on Monday February 24th to Rock OUT to KISS and their Killer songs complete with an overnight stay at Radisson Red Minneapolis Downtown!

Starting Monday February 3rd when Rockaholics hear a KISS Cue to Call they will have to call 345-9436 and be the lucky caller through to become a finalist plus they will win a $25 Gift Card to Marnics Mobile just for becoming a finalist.

Then on Friday February 14th all the finalist will come down to Marnics Mobile between 2pm and 6pm with a partner to take their shot at putting in the best possible time in KISS OFF!

To win the KISS tickets the finalists and their partner will have to unwrap Hersey kisses, without using their hands. If they can do this is the fastest time between all the finalists they are our GRAND PRIZE WINNER.

Rock 94 - The Super Square Off

The Big Game is just around the corner on February 2nd and together with Ashley HomeStore, Rock 94 is having its own Football pool to give away a deluxe recliner with the Super Square Off!

Starting January 20th Rockaholics will need to listen for the Super Square Off cue to call and when they hear it they need to call 345-9436 to be the right caller through and get their name on the Super Square Off board.  Rockaholics will only be able to qualify once during this promotion.

On Friday January 31st Rock 94 will be live at Ashley Homestore from 2pm-6pm where we will draw our final four names for the Super Square Off Board from the names of Rockaholics who have come down that day and filled out a ballot.

With 100 squares available Rockaholics will definitely have their shot at getting on the board and winning a Turbulance Power Recliner with Adjustable Headrest valued at over $1,500 from Ashley HomeStore.

Once The Big Game is played we will take the last number of each team’s final score to determine the corresponding square on the board. (For example if the score is Pats 34 – Falcons 28, the corresponding square would be 4x8)

The Super Square Off board will be updated twice a day and is located below. 


Each Name will be entered from Left to Right then on Friday January 31st after we have our final qualifiers from the Live on Location at Ashley HomeStore the numbers for the Grid  to match the score of the game will be added at random.

For those unsure of AFC Vs NFC: The AFC number is based off the last number of Kansas City Chiefs final score and the NFC score is base off the last number of the San Francisco 49ers final score. 

So it doesnt matter when you qualify all the numbers will be at random giving everyone an equal opportunity to WIN!


Rockaholics- January- KBM Outdoors

Rockaholic [Rock-a-hol-ic] noun.
1. A devoted Rock 94 listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes Rock 94. One who will receive exciting insider information on Rock 94 contests, concerts and events. One who has opportunities to win great prizes just by being a member. The best kind of Radio Listener alive!
Rock 94 and Rosslyn Service want to reward our ROCKAHOLICS just for being a ROCKAHOLIC with a prize every week from Rosslyn Service!

Sign up here and become an official ROCKAHOLIC.

All ROCKAHOLIC members will automatically go in the draw to win the weekly prize of a $150 Gift Card from KBM Outdoors, which Kaile and Dee will announce the winner of every Friday in January during the Rock 94 morning show!

Winner's Announced: 

Friday, January 3rd 
Friday, January 10th
Friday, January 17th
Friday, January 24th

and Friday January 31st 

Thunderwolves Scoro

Rock 94 along with Driven Cars Canada will be awarding 1 lucky Thunderwolves fan with the opportunity to shoot to Scoro a car from Driven Cars Canada during the 1st intermission of every saturday home game.

When you go to the game find the registration booth in the main counsel and your name could be draw to go down to centre ice and shoot the puck down the ice through the hole in the net.

if you make the shot you win that week's car from Driven Cars Canada valued up to $25,000!!!

Rock94 - Free Curly Fry Fridays

Who Doesn’t Love FREE Food? ROCK 94 together with Arbys will be giving our ROCKAHOLICS the chance to Win Free Curly Fries (with featured sandwiches and curly fries for 4) for them themselves and their co-workers with Curly Fry Fridays!

Every Friday at 10:35am Dee will play the Arby's cue to call and the 9th caller through (345-9436) will WIN 4 meal combos for the week delivered that day during lunch right to their workplace personally from your ROCK 94 Crew!! Thanks to Arby's!!

This contest is designed for offices and workplaces only, we appreciated everyone participating but the goal is to provide the office and workplace with the free lunch

OLG - Million Dollar Rock Pot

Rock 94 and OLG want to know what Rockaholics would do with the "Million Dollar Rock Pot"!

Listen to Rock 94 for Kaile and Dee’s trivia question at 6:45. Call in with the correct answer at 8:85, and you’ll receive one-hundred dollars in Lotto 649 or Lotto Max tickets with encore – and a chance to win millions! If I had a Million Dollars – from OLG and Thunder Bay’s Rock 94!

Twice on Monday, Rock94 and OLG will be giving away $100 in tickets in the Lotto Max

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Rock94 and OLG will be giving away $100 in tickets plus encore for Wednesday’s Lotto 6/49 Draw.

Every Thursday and Friday,Rock94and OLG will be giving away $100 in tickets plus encore for the Lotto Max Draw.

Kaile and Dee will play the cue to call to encourage listeners to call at 8:45am. The lucky caller through that answers the trivia question will win the $100 in tickets plus encore! 

When its time make sure you call 345-9436!

General Contest Rules and Regulations

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