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What’s in the Rock Box ???

It’s Back… What’s in the Rock Box ???

Rock 94 has placed an item in a big box from Secure Store and we want listeners to guess What’s in the Rock Box to WIN $2,000!

Each weekday morning at 7:20 am Kaile and Dee will announce a clue as to What’s in the Rock Box. We’ll then take guesses every hour from 8:20am until 5:20 pm on what could be inside the Rock Box…

If the listener guesses right they win $2,000! Then we put a new item in the Rock Box and we start all over again!!!

But the guess has to be bang on! It has to be EXACT... Not a car, not a tool, not a boat, not cash… the guess has to be down to a color, make, size, year, the exact dollar amount, ingredient... etc.

We’re talking bang on! We’ll even post all the clues and guess at at the end of each day.


Round 4 

Friday, October 13
7:20 Clue: Bigger than 2 inches
8:20- A 12 inch sub from Quizno’s – Philly Cheese Steak
9:20- An Ariens snow thrower Pro Model for bigger than 2 inches of snow
10:20- A Stanley 16ft. yellow tape measure
11:20- A pack of gum – Dentyne Ice – the black package
12:20- A Stanley 26 Foot 1 inch wide tape measure
1:20- A red Bic lighter with 150 Canadian Flag on it
2:20- A deck of cards with a bumblebee on them
3:20- A Butterfinger
4:20- A pack of 100 sheet 9x11 inch Hilroy lined sheet paper
5:20-a pack of socks

Monday, October 16
7:20 Clue: Not a Foot Long
8:20- A signed Austin Matthews NHL hockey stick
9:20- 6 inch Mr. Sub sub on whole wheat assorted
10:20- Cup of Juicy Fruit Gum the Original 60 pieces
11:20- Foot long hot dog on a stick
12:20- A book - The Key Fall 2017 Thunder Bay Guide to Community Programs and Services 
1:20- 9 inch magnetic shock resistant torpedo Stanley level
2:20-12 Schneider’s Red Hot Wieners 450 gram
3:20- A 6’’ Subway meatball sub with marinara sauce+ parmesan cheese
4:20- 450 gram of Maple Leaf all beef hot dogs
5:20- 375 gram package of Schneider's Octoberfest sausages