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The Auditor General

The Auditor General
   The Auditor General are four professional drinkers from the cold North Shore of Lake Superior who occasionally play a tasteful blend of folk and rock music. When they find the time between hangovers, the group explores complex lyrical themes through memorable, simple hooks that tap the toes and hearts that beat beside them. If you thought a Finnish guitar prodigy shredding along with sweet melodies and an upbeat rhythm section didn’t belong on the indie scene, The Auditor General are out to prove you wrong.

   Since releasing their critically-acclaimed, self-produced EP "Club Anthems for The Slightly Disenfranchised", The Auditor General has begun to bring their musical stylings beyond Thunder Bay. The boys have traveled from Vancouver to Montreal, playing amongst some great Canadian talent at festivals such as Pop Montreal and Live From The Rock Folk Festival.

   The Auditor General is currently working on material for their forthcoming debut full-length record and will continue to hit the stage to get you dancing out of the way so they can drink your beer.
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