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Kris DeLorenzi

Kris DeLorenzi

Kris DeLorenzi has been playing music since the age of nine, starting on the violin. He concluded his formal training on the upright bass, during his University years. Kris has played in string groups, stage bands, concert bands, jazz combos and rock bands.

Kris has performed all over the world including China, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and extensively throughout North America. Kris has co-written and contributed to eight albums, as well as done recording, arranging and mixing.

Kris is a professional in his artistry, often compared to Peter Gabriel. He has a world/ambient/pop sound that has been described as "extra-dimensional".

Under Waking The Sound, Kris has released his first solo project. "My Devotion" is an album of reflection with lyrical melodies and ambient textures. The themes are introspective and vulnerable, exploring that sense of wonder music often communicates. He draws on his experiences and insights gained through his relationships.

Kris hopes to see people walk in true wholeness and healing and writes music to encourage this process and journey.