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Jean-Paul De Roover

With an innovative approach to music, Jean-Paul De Roover is much more than a solo artist. Accompanied by live looping, guitars and a voice used as an instrument, this ‘sonic architect’ builds his songs from foundation to facade before your very eyes. Beginning with dead silence, his performance could lead anywhere: full a capella harmonies, rhythmic tribal beats, noise-layered worlds of ambient rock, campfire-folk, electro-ballads and anything in between. With lyrical content that can be brutally honest, or lovingly truthful, one thing is certain: the originality and creativity of his timeless performances shines through to every listener. Although he was born in Thunder Bay, ON, he was raised overseas in Africa, Asia and South America, before moving back to North America in 2001. At this time, he compiled all of his worldly experiences and began his serious musical endeavours. In the earlier part of his musical career, Jean-Paul has had the opportunity to share stages with acts like Simple Plan, Alexisonfire, Treblecharger, and more recently the Goo Goo Dolls, The Weakerthans, Said The Whale and Sean Ashby among countless other national and international artists. He has also showcased at international music festivals like CMW, NXNE, Red Rock Folk Festival, FAM Festival, Field Festival and many others since beginning to pursue a solo career in 2007. As a multi-instrumentalist, Jean-Paul’s musical background is quite varied, having been in a myriad of groups and ensembles, from pop to barbershop, punk to bluegrass and more. With influences like the writings of Steve Martin, the gloom of Nick Cave, the uplifting fun of a capella to the brutality of metal, the songwriting of folk and the energy of punk rock, he’s developed a style of well constructed, hook-filled post-pop that is decidedly his own. He has worked hard to develop the “extraordinary talent of being a one man band without any of the clichés” (Blissdelamess). When asked about why he took this live approach, Jean-Paul said “I wanted to challenge myself by having to record every part of my show live, on the spot. It keeps me on my toes, and provides a unique show for anyone that sees me live.” Combine that with his now familiar red piping ‘jungle gym’ platforms, and you’ve got an aurally and visually stimulating live show. Since 2009 he’s taken to the road for 3 cross Canada tours (spending almost 8 months on the road in one year) to promote his newest release “Windows and Doors” – an album on a mission (The Georgia Straight) – that folds into a 3D house, and the singles for “Fix” and “You”, whose respective music videos have both been featured on MuchMusic as well as several music and film festivals. If the drive and ambition of 2009/10 is any indication, Jean-Paul De Roover will be a relentless musical force to be reckoned with for years to come. -----------