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Andrew J. Edwards Band

Andrew J. Edwards Band
The Andrew J. Edwards Band (AEB or AjE)is a combination of Punk, Rock and Alternative forms of music into one creative and entertaining project. September 25, 2007 the debut album, Falling In With The Wrong Crowd, was released. The album can be purchased at HMV or The Loop. Or can be bought online through iTunes, HMV, Indiepool, Amazon, Napster, Puretracks, and Rhapsody. Andrew began playing live solo acoustic gigs in May 2006, and in February of 2007 after some bugging from friends, the Andrew J. Edwards Band made its debut. Over the past three years the band has performed several headlining local shows as well as opening up for prominent touring acts such as Ill Scarlett, Mariana's Trench, Hello Operator, The Real McKenzies, and Fabre Drive at the Geraldton Jambouree. The Band: Andrew Edwards - Vocals / Guitar Dave Miggz - Bass Dave Burns - Drums