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9 Lives and Counting

I would like to introduce you to 9 Lives and Counting, a Toronto-based rock band.  The band has just completed their debut CD, Beautiful Distraction, and we are looking to get these amazing songs heard far and wide.  The 9 Lives and Counting sound is a mix of the familiar and the new.  There are elements of the best from grunge but updated for today's listeners.  We like to describe the band's sound as riff-based guitars mixed with a hint of groove, great melodies and catchy hooks.  We are extremely excited to be able to finally show the world what the guys have been perfecting over the last few years of relentless club shows.

To that end, we would like to offer you a free promotional copy of Beautiful Distraction.  By using the unique promo code 6ur7-v5t9 you can download the entire ablum at 

9 Lives and Counting Bio:

2016 is going to be a great year for 9 Lives and Counting as we bring the world our melodic hard rock debut, Beautiful Distraction.  We are very proud of this album and can’t wait for it to be heard.  

9 Lives and Counting are based in Toronto, ON and have been gigging for several years.  Beautiful Distraction is the distillation of our current sound perfected over those years of club shows.  We are a band with a mission, to take the next step and push our music as far as it will go. 

Founded by guitarist, Peter Alexander who has relentlessly sought the best musicians to breathe life into his creations, 9 Lives and Counting has seen several lineups.  The magic was born when vocalist Craig Burnatowski joined the band in 2012, with a tour culminating in Montreal.   In 2014, the rhythm section was solidified with the additions of Jason Hutchings on drums and Scott Everatt on bass. 

Since the solidification of the line-up the band has been on a non-stop push to play as many shows as possible.  Coming off a successful tour of Southern Ontario to put the finishing touches on Beautiful Distraction, 9LAC is back to show the world how hungry they are to be heard.